The Green Mean Monster

We scare because we care...

We love our city and we want you to fall in love with it too,
so do your bit and keep it clean.

We are green, mean and keeping it clean!

Shiverpool are an environmentally friendly company, rather than disposing of bodies where they might litter the streets we always take great care to eat every last morsel thereby returning what was used back in to the natural cycle. This philosophy also spills over in to other areas of the company. Emails don’t cause paper waste, if we print emails out we use recycled paper and dispose of them responsibly and we ask you to do the same. Of course, we don’t eat paper! It doesn’t taste as nice as human flesh unfortunately.


On a serious note- All our tours are environmentally friendly and require walking and sometimes running. We encourage an appetite to get out of the car and explore our surroundings on foot with plenty of inhalations of fresh air.

So while you are on tour with us please don't drop any litter, always put your rubbish in the bins along the way.

If you require any more information, look no further than this website. All of our tour details are here on-line.

We send out newsletters electronically so do sign up if you wish to receive special offers, and there are downloadable documents aswell, on the 'Our Tours' page.

Mary Coffins and Sherlock Bones respond to emails pretty quickly when they're not busy digging graves, so feel free to get in touch with them here: [email protected]

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