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Celebrate The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral's Golden Jubilee on a FREE Hidden Histories Tour!

FUN FACTS CONTINUED below from the Shiverpool newsletter...

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  5th 12th 19th 26th March | 2nd Apr

Did you know that it was 50 years ago when Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral was completed? Celebrate this iconic structure and the magical neighbourhood of Hope Street, join us on one of our FREE day-time tours or indeed get involved in the nocturnal Shiverpool Tour and see our splendid city in the twilight hours...

FUN FACTS CONTINUED below from the Shiverpool newsletter...

6. Nicknames of the Cathedral include "Paddy's Wigwam" The Pope's Launchpad" and the "Mersey Funnel"

7. Lutyens Crypt is made from deep purple bricks- all six million of them!

8. The Met Cathedral has the largest stained glass window in the world!

9. Lutyens design was to have a dome that was to larger and more grand than St Peter's Basillica in Rome.

10. Liverpool's Met is the largest Catholic Cathedral in Britain.

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